Nissan Rear Door Alert Technology to Come Standard on All Four-Door Models

Nissan announced today that the company is making their Rear Door Alert technology a standard feature on more models, helping to reduce potential heatstroke incidents going forward. Originally developed by two engineers who also happened to be mothers, Rear Door Alert (RDA) reminds drivers to check the rear seat of their vehicle for passengers or objects when they exit the vehicle. Nissan is the first automaker to use a series of distinctive honks as the alert for this kind of feature.

RDA comes standard on the 2018 Nissan Pathfinder, and monitors, when a rear door is opened and closed both before and after a vehicle has been in motion. The system emits a series of notifications if a rear door was opened before travel, but not re-opened at the end of the trip. Once the Nissan is parked, and the ignition is turned off, a notification will appear in the instrument panel first, progressing to subtle, easily-recognized horn chirps. It's easy to configure and can be turned off through a menu in the cluster display.

Nissan is expanding the technology to all four-door models in the following stages:

  • For model year 2019, eight models, including the Rogue SUV and Altima sedan, will come with Rear Door Alert as a standard feature
  • By model year 2022, Nissan expects to offer RDA as a standard amenity on all four-door sedans, SUVs and pickup trucks

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