Nissan IMx Concept Car Illustrates the Future of Mobility

There are certain times throughout history wherein the automotive industry has seen a dramatic paradigm shift. Currently, we live in one of those moments. Automakers are working hard to redefine how modern drivers like you commute! One such company is Nissan which recently unveiled the Nissan IMx in Yokohama, Japan.

It is clear by looking at what the new Nissan IMx can do that it was designed for a better tomorrow. Specifically, it is a zero-emission concept car that offers a driving range of approximately 372 miles. More impressive, it is infused with innovations built by the Nissan Intelligent Mobility division that enables it to drive without a pilot. These characteristics ultimately make the experience of traveling more convenient and therefore more enjoyable for passengers onboard.

Just imagine. With a crossover like the new Nissan IMx, you can complete challenging maneuvers and get from one place to the next with minimal driver input. This will free up your hands and allow you to sit back and relax. Working in combination with a virtual power grid through which it gains and returns energy, it also reshapes the social infrastructure.

To top it all off, the new Nissan IMx flaunts a futuristic style both inside and out. With elements like a V-motion grille, it has a look that clearly differentiates it from automobiles of the past. Maximizing space by removing bulky details like the steering wheel and appointing the cabin with sophisticated amenities galore, it boasts the ultimate comfort and opulence.

In this way, Nissan engineers hope to revolutionize transportation.

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